We throw down the gauntlet

If you are like us,then the first thing you do every morning after you put on a pot of coffee is enter to lleida.net website. And so today (September 18), our routine was completely and magically thrown off when we saw a new appealing website with a fresh look, and more focused on the users’ …

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Let’s origami and go paperless

Paper is all around us: wrappers, boxes, napkins, stationery and office supplies, and that’s just to mention a few examples. Depending on the purpose of paper, its life cycle can vary. A book’s life cycle is much longer than that of a wrapper, while other types of paper such as thermal fax paper cannot be …

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Lleida.net exhibits at the Document Strategy Forum

Lleida.net has attended the Document Strategy Forum held in Greenwich, Connecticut, from 29th April to 1st May 2013. Although this was the sixth edition of the event, it has been our first time in the DSF and our suspicions were confirmed: this is a ‘must-go’ event not only for professionals and companies specializing in the document management business but …

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SMS Marqueting

Registered email brings security and peace of mind

This week we met Macarena and Eva, from Ollé & Sapena Solicitors Office. They talked about their experience with Registered email. “Email and mobile” That’s the basic combination they ask their customers, thus preventing the sending of a notification that will never reach the final recipient. For us, it has led to significant progress adding …

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superhero MAB blog

Verifica: Direct savings with Lleida.net

Last week we visited Verifica one of our main debt recovery clients which represents ANGECO Association, a recovery management company. A very significant part of Verifica team work is to contact clients of Credit Institutions and Financial arms, to manage recovery of unpaid debts. We are with Luis Cubero, Director of Technology, and José Luis …

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