Registered email brings security and peace of mind

This week we met Macarena and Eva, from Ollé & Sapena Solicitors Office. They talked about their experience with Registered email.

“Email and mobile” That’s the basic combination they ask their customers, thus preventing the sending of a notification that will never reach the final recipient. For us, it has led to significant progress adding an attachment to the email and being certified. It is fully adequate, for example to prove to the court that we have notified the client that we have waived our professional services.

“We, not so long ago notified customers by postal mail or registered mail. Now, with’s Registered email service, we can reliably prove the content of our deliveries, saving time and money. Before using Registered email service, we also had this security, but it was not cost effective due to the amount of notifications we need to certify.”

Notification is the cornerstone of our work. For us having the ability to certify statements, sentences or waivers is of the utmost importance,” says Macarena. In addition, the speed and the guarantee that the message will arrive, offers us full peace of mind. We have won not only agility, but also the comfort of being in front of the computer or on the go with the mobile to send a Registered email without having to install any program or add-on, Anytime, anywhere and with the consequent savings.

We were about to finish the coffee when Eva mentioned even one more advantage: “They store the certificate during 5 years in their servers. They have a good workflow, the certificates are linked to the file and in case we lose that information for any reason, we have the peace of mind that we can contact and ask for the certificate we need”.

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