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Last week we visited Verifica one of our main debt recovery clients which represents ANGECO Association, a recovery management company.

A very significant part of Verifica team work is to contact clients of Credit Institutions and Financial arms, to manage recovery of unpaid debts.

We are with Luis Cubero, Director of Technology, and José Luis Gayo, Deputy Director of Verifica, who will tell us about

They explained to us what they did three years ago when they started working with At that time, they planned to develop their own application to send SMS to people with claimed credits, and in their path, they met us.

We explained to them how easily and seamlessly could they integrate our platform in their processes. They tested it and since then, they are sending thousands of SMS using our service, to notify issues related to claiming their clients’ credits. They underscored the reliability in the sending and receiving of the messages.

They emphasized the usability of one of our services, namely Phone Checker. For a company dealing with thousands of personal data every day, to be able to discard non-existent or out of service phones (before calling or sending an SMS phones) saves a lot of money.

The cost as Luis and José Luis told us, per call / management can be around 3 euros for each one. Considering that up to 20% of contacts in a database are often not correct, savings for Verify is very important. And all thanks to a fully automated process that is performed before any management from their Call Center.

Before the end of the meeting, we seized the moment to explain our new service, Registered Inbox, that certifies the reception of the email, proving date and time, sender and content of the message. They send a lot of faxes to customers to notify them of an income from a credit or overdue receipt So Registered Inbox is a good service for them. It allows the customer to issue a certificate and to forget to manage paper, since the certificate, in digital, can be filed automatically wherever you want.

Added security and greater efficiency for document management

They smiled at us and said: “We’ll think about it”.

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