The experience of Iberia Cards with

Get to know better our clients to explain their usage experience.

For that purpose, we have visited them, to know to what extent our services have improved their results

So, we paid a visit to Iberia Cards, the entity issuing all cards rewarding with Avios.  Avios are travel reward points that allow you to turn your everyday spending into flights, hotel stays, upgrades, days out and more.

Gonzalo Sanchez Mellado, Director of Systems &Operations and Jesus Voz, Information system Project Officer welcomed us in a boardroom, a boardroom with a past, and where key decisions are taken …

Gonzalo and Jesus told us how last year they invested nearly 1 million euros in paper communications. A high amount considering the existing technologies. They realized it was necessary to adapt their processes to the current digital technologies

They started using to send SMSes to their customers, and they emphasized how fast and simple was migrating to our platform. Ever since, the SMS is their usual communication channel with customers.

They started using our certification services to notify customers they joined Robinson lists (Mail preferences Services.  A Robinson list or Mail Preference Service (MPS) list is an opt-out list of people who do not wish to receive marketing transmissions. Iberia Cards must duly notify any user requesting inclusion in the list Robinson.

Therefore, when a client requests such inclusion, Iberia Cards sends a Registered SMS certified by Thus, they not only avoid the cost of a registered letter, but they improve management processes, as the document with its digital certificate is automatically filed.

It has greatly improved their daily work, keeping the control over their documentation, without leaving the back-office.

Amid the technological process they are engaged in, Iberia Cards took a difficult decision: the customer must provide a mobile phone number if he wishes to contract, Gonzalo explains.

The need to be able to communicate quickly, economically forced them to take that decision. Send card pin code, increase the credit limit, or send an SMS to report incidences on the card payment are some examples on Iberia Card services using our solutions.

Thus, they have the certificate issued by us, legally binding, as proof of having issued the communication.

The talk with Gonzalo and Jesus also gave a glimpse of their plans. To digitize all their communications. should also try to innovate its services, so that they can adapt to these new needs. And of course, we are willing to take on that challenge, understanding that what we are asked for is the same security as with traditional communications, an improvement in management processes and cost savings.

The talk ended with a pleasant meal with Gonzalo and Jesus, in which we all prefer to stop talking about work.

After all, there are many other things to chat with a customer.

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