Suntropy reduces signing time by 50% with Click & Sign

Suntropy is a technology startup founded in 2021 to support solar energy companies in delivering a digital sales experience to their customers. Their primary focus within the sector is to provide technical and economic feasibility analysis for solar energy projects in residential and industrial areas agilely. Thanks to, they have been able to automate …

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Vilar Riba renovates its registered communications

Grupo Vilar Riba is engaged in global consultancy services for tax, legal, consulting, auditing, and labour companies. It is based in Vic and has offices in Barcelona and Puigcerdà, it comprises more than 130 professionals with 30 years of experience in the sector.

The company has long been committed to providing the best possible solution to its customers’ needs. Besides, they were aware that important notifications represented a potential point to find a more effective response to what they had at that time. All these communications were sent by traditional burofax before using’s service.

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Alexander Vargas de Oigame

Registered Notifications, a must-have for Oigame

We interviewed Alexander Vargas, Business Development Manager of the Colombian company Oigame Consultores Empresariales, with over 10 years engaged in providing Outsourcing services. In an increasingly digitized society, Registered Email and Registered Email Contract have helped Oigame to transform a slow and expensive process into a fast, secure, and legally valid process. Thanks for joining …

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Bio-Cord, really pleased with Registered email contract

Would you like to know how Bio-Cord has speed up time and resources thanks to Registered email contract? Registered email contract is a user-friendly and efficient service, providing the legal certainty to sign contracts and agreements remotely. There is no doubt that replacing slow and expensive processes with quick and easy processes is a sound …

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SMS de calidad, clave para verse

High-quality SMS is of paramount importance to Verse

Electronic messaging, text messaging, email, and instant messaging provide real-time text transmission. SMS authentication is one of the authentication methods requiring immediacy and reliability; the users have to receive the SMS. Operators are offering low-cost SMS through the delivery rate, and delays in the delivery are included in the price. Verse incorporated our SMS solutions …

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