Lleida.net's added value regarding digital evidence

Lleida.net’s added value regarding digital evidence

We are increasingly carrying out transactions essential to our day-to-day life online: moving from one electricity supplier to another, opening a bank account, taking out an insurance policy, etc.

New technologies have revolutionised the legal arena, especially in the field of evidence, leading to the so-called “Electronic Evidence”.

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Identification, authentication and authorisation

Online access to products and services entails a process with different stages that may seem quite similar if carried out naturally and transparently, although they respond to very different needs:

  • Identification Once the company collects the characteristics that uniquely define the individual, it identifies the individual. My fingerprints and facial features help identify me, thus setting me apart from other people. Companies should know whom they are dealing with; they should identify their customers and ensure the best possible service.

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Postal Operators as critical infrastructure in their countries & how postal operators can become a main contributor to Sustainable Development Goals

Most Postal Operators have been operating since their respective countries’ inception; they were always a backbone of their governments, citizens, businesses, and overall country development and evolution. For decades, they have been providing one of the most critical services for their customers: communication.

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