transformación digital en el sector inmobiliario

Digital transformation in real estate: signing leasing agreeements

Technology has changed our lives and the way we do business. The real estate sector is line with this swift and many companies in the sector already apply technological innovations to improve their life. In this post we want to talk about one of the aspects of the digital transformation of real estate agencies: signing lease agreements online

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Digital transformation in today’s business world (2/2)

Making use of the new technologies: electronic contract Many sectors have adapted their systems, and their resources to this new reality, they must adapt to this digital era, that is why is leading a project with many companies to automate and optimize their contracting processes generating cost savings and providing its customers an added …

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mejora de la gestión documental en pymes

How to improve document management in SMEs

Today being an SME is not easy, especially in a world where technologies and internationalization advance at breakneck speeds. The solutions and facilities that are proposed are suited to large companies, favouring them over SMEs, as they have a greater capacity when making profound changes in document management systems. However, small and medium-sized companies make …

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