Latinpay streamlines processes and reduces costs by up to 80% using Registered Email

Latinpay is a financial services company providing payments to micro and small businesses in Peru. Latinpay accomplishes its mission by giving its customers the option to get paid quickly and easily through mobile banking, avoiding investment in expensive equipment or tedious implementation time and effort.

Julio Mejías, CEO of Latinpay, gives us insight into his experience with Registered Email and its benefits to the company.

Challenges leading up to Registered Email

How was your workflow organised before implementing Registered Email?

Before using Registered Email, we did not have a way of proving that it had indeed been delivered to an email address, and, especially, we lacked reliable proof of it.

This could only be achieved by notarial means, but it was very time-consuming…

So what solution were you looking for?

We were looking for a simple workflow notification solution. The notification itself might be physical or virtual, although it had to provide us with legal standing as required.

Implementing Registered Email

Once you started using registered email, which processes changed?

After implementing Registered email service, we no longer have to send physical notifications, the process changed within the company, everything is online, saving us much time, and, most of all, the documentary evidence can be stored for a long time.

Is there anything you like the most about Registered Email?

Basically, its simplicity! 

You have to send a copy to the certifying email, and that’s it; no need to take many actions or install extensions… 

Quite simple.

Streamline processes, reducing time and costs

When did you begin to get results?

Yes, it provided us with quick results and met our expectations, as the document includes almost everything we need and demonstrates that we did do our due diligence.

To what extent has Registered email helped you?

Essentially it has helped us to simplify the processes.

We used to have to carry out this process manually. It has simplified our time and processes enormously.

We achieved specific results, namely time and cost reduction. 

Costs have been cut up to 80% 

And as for usability, our staff is far more confident. There is no need to edit the email or get a copy of the printed document, stamp it, sign it, move from one signing to another, etc.

And it makes our lives so much simpler!

With the Registered Mail service, we CC the Registered Email, and that’s it; there is nothing else to do!

There is evidence that we carried out proper due diligence, and in the event of any contingency, we have the means to meet that contingency.

Would you recommend Registered Email?

Yes, I would. I would recommend it to companies from all sectors looking to simplify notification processes. Businesses looking to save paper and, above all, to ensure that notifications are legally valid.

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