Latinpay simplifica processos i en redueix un 80% els costos gràcies al correu electrònic certificat

Latinpay streamlines processes and reduces costs by up to 80% using Registered Email

Latinpay is a financial services company providing payments to micro and small businesses in Peru. Latinpay accomplishes its mission by giving its customers the option to get paid quickly and easily through mobile banking, avoiding investment in expensive equipment or tedious implementation time and effort. Julio Mejías, CEO of Latinpay, gives us insight into his …

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Suntropy reduces signing time by 50% with Click & Sign

Suntropy is a technology startup founded in 2021 to support solar energy companies in delivering a digital sales experience to their customers. Their primary focus within the sector is to provide technical and economic feasibility analysis for solar energy projects in residential and industrial areas agilely. Thanks to, they have been able to automate …

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Doxee Revolutionizes Digital Customer Experience with Registered Electronic Communications

Doxee is a multinational hi-tech company specialized in Customer Communications Management and Digital Customer Experience By offering’s electronic notifications, which are marketed by Doxee as part of its portfolio as “Paperless Experience”, Doxee has effectively met its customers’ needs while helping them transition to the digital realm. Doxee’s core platform, Doxee Platform®, allows the company …

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