correo certificado online y motivos para usarlo

Registered email: reasons to use it

The email has become part of our lives; however, we are still using paper to send registered communications by postal mail. Digital transformation must embrace those communications that need to attest who sends/receives the communication, when, and its content. In this post, we tell you what registered is and why you should use it.

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Global confidence in a digital world

We live in a connected world. Digital transactions travel the world and know no borders. If we  look at the acquisition of goods and services through the Internet, according to the quarterly data published by the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), electronic commerce in Spain exceeded 12,200 million euros in 1Q 2020, 11.6% …

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Electronic voting simple, easy and fast

It is necessary to know how to distinguish between important and urgent things to achieve success in our daily lives. Due to the latest events, we are learning to reorganize ourselves, to work remotely and also to use what technology might  offers us, as electronic voting for situations where holding  physical meetings is not possible. …

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