Lleida.net services, useful for independent law firms

True to his pioneering spirit Lleida.net has accompanied the lawyers of the first Congress of the Independent Advocacy, which took place in the Córdoba on 29-30 November.

Independent law, firms which is exercised by freelance lawyers alone or in small law firms, make up 85% of the law in Spain, and along the two days the congress lasted for 45 topics were discussed such as precariousness, legal practitioners, the conciliation and the necessary regularization of the market of legal services.  Over 400 lawyers attended the event and Lleida.net did not want to miss the opportunity to support the initiative with its sponsorship.

To the lawyers who showed up at our stand, we had the opportunity to explain how our on-line notification and esignature services work:

  • Registered email. An email is credited to the recipient’s mail server sent from your usual email account. Attachments sent in the mail are also certified.
  • Openum. An email with a document attached is sent via an in house platform. Not only the delivery of the message is credited but also the access to its content.
  • Openum eIDAS. Openum eIDAS is Lleida.net qualified electronic registered delivery service complying with eIDAS Regulation. The identification of the sender, the recipient and the data sent are ensured with a high level of reliability thanks to a digital certificate. The evidence generated has full legal presumption, which in practice represents an inversion of the burden of proof.

And if you don’t have email but a mobile phone, Registered SMS service is the solution.

Click & Sign. Designed modular tool where all Lleida.net certification services are available to the client so that he can choose the signature process that best suits his needs. As well as other features, the platform allows the signing of several documents, and several signatories with different types of signature (joint or several) and at various levels of hierarchy.

Ease of use, speed and economy

Lleida.net, as a trusted service provider, generates for its clients the evidence in digital media in which all the events carried out in the operations of electronic notification or esignature are collected. In just a few minutes, the lawyer will have the electronic evidence ready to present in court.

In addition, the registration process can be carried out through our website quickly and all services are charged to the same account, by means of credits that are topped up from website, which, please note, do not expire, and no monthly fess. Our services are ready to use, they do not require any technical implementation or any specific technical knowledge.

Last but not least, our competitive prices compared to traditional off line systems should be highlighted:  For example: For just €1 (VAT included) you can get Lleida.net registered mail service.

Some examples

More specifically, regarding the applicability of our services in the field of legal profession, here are some ideas:

  • For the internal organization of the small law firms, to used sign order forms with customers or contracts, as well as for sending payment requirements.
  • Within the scope of the procedures that are carried out on behalf of the clients, sending of judicial communications, or the convening of meetings, are other possible uses.

Lawyer, we encourage you to use Lleida.net services They are awaiting you!

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