Starting with S, 10 words

Early in the morning.  The radio goes over today’s main events. On Friday, November 22, the 11th edition of the Gran Recapte d’Aliments starts, until Saturday 23. The news calls my attention. If the media echo the news it is because it must be of interest.

Some figures: 28,000 volunteers collecting food, they need 9,000 more volunteers for effective operation. Last year, 4,452,000 kilos of food were collected and this year they expect to equal it and to ultimately surpass it. There will be 2,000 collection points throughout Catalonia. The next figure is not encouraging, according to the president of the Banc d’Aliments of Barcelona “Only 30% of the required nutritional needs will be covered”.

I am not very fond of numbers, but I became curious and I imagine myself collaborating in Gran Recapte. How does Banc dels Aliments work? They distribute food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough to avoid hunger. The food is obtained through three ways: fighting against the abuse, through grants from the EU and through donations such as those of the Gran Recapte. Now I am even more interested. Breaking News: An internal communication has just reached my inbox encouraging all workers to join the Gran Recapte during our working hours without the need to recover the hours. Great initiative, isn’t it? So now less than 9,000 volunteers are required, and we can even add a few extra kilos of food!

And upon hearing the news, it’s time for the crossword puzzle in the office café. Today there are no spoilers. Starting with S: feeling and attitude of unity based on common goals or interests. Term that refers to helping without receiving anything in return. 10 words. S O L I D A R I T Y. We all agree. This is teamwork. One for all and all for one!


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