Solidarity Plastic Bottle Caps

Since its beginning, has had its Corporate Social Responsibility in mind, participating in solidarity campaigns the collection campaign for the Food Banks, has among its providers entities which work for social inclusion like “Associació Alba”, sponsors sport clubs like H.C Alpicat, some teams of Club Bàsquet Lleida and carries out other social actions.

We could stay where we were, but this summer we have decided to enlarge our reach of action

As employees we have at our disposal a kitchen with a wide variety of drinks and liquid foods, each one of them with their respective cap.  We have begun to be a lot of staff, and so the consumption of the products stated before have increased, generating a bigger number of caps: the more recipients, the more caps.

Not  long ago we already started internal campaigns of cap collection were lots of people participated bringing caps from their homes, the gym, their partner’s office… But because those were individual actions, we didn’t have continuity, and the collection of caps decreased until today, when we don’t collect caps any more.

This couldn’t continue, so we have decided to sign a collaboration  agreement with “Fundación Seur”, who  has made us a “cap gathering” business. From now on we will collect caps in!

What is this collaboration  about and what is its purpose?

Its aim is helping children without the capacity of accessing medical care that is not covered by public healthcare with the purpose of improving their quality of life as well as facilitate children without resources the orthopaedical devices they need with the money that is made recycling the  caps.

To  this end, Seur is going to give us a container that will be collected for free when it’s full.

We hope to make this collaboration a success!

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