Finovate Spring 2019: you in Lleida me in San Francisco

At 6: 00 P.M the plane landed at Oakland’s airport having landed at 2 P.M in Spain.  Just 4 hours to cross the ocean? Not really. You had to count the 9-hour difference between the Catalan and Californian coast .

For a young adult who had never been to the U.S.A before this was the beginning of a big adventure, as well as experiencing at firsthand  the famous phenomena of jet lag and the American culture.

Summarizing in a post everything that I’ve won in experience and lived in San Francisco is difficult, but as you can see, I’m trying  it out. The reason why I went was to come along with’s CEO, Sisco Sapena, to Finovate  Spring 2019 event, which is celebrated in the city that I’ve stated before.  This event is held several times a year around the world and revolves around business, banks and possible clients related to Fintech .

Our mission was creating an elevator speech, a type of presentation which is becoming popular worldwide where you present the thing you want in seven minutes. After a lot of failures, tests here and there, connectivity problems and crossed emails we finally got to do such an original speech about registered contracts.

I must tell you that I wore during half of the presentation a C3PO mask and that we accomplished all the certifying process, with  a selfie included and at an all-time Jedi record!

Did we surpass  the year when Sisco  was disguised as a pirate? I don’t know, but what I do know is that a lot of people came after the demo to congratulate us and that we networked as ever  before.

I did not only learn to lose my shyness on the stage, but also to discover from Sisco the secrets and procedures of an event of such size like Finovate. Not  every nineteen years-old folks can have this opportunity every day, and in particular  in a city as famous as San Francisco!

It streets, diversity, noise and extravaganza make s it a really nice place worth visiting and exploring: the touristic bus and the strolling when the working day was over were my salvation in that way, because they made me enjoy like a small child. From this post I’d like to thank  Sisco for giving me this opportunity: I’ve been able to make the most of it. I hope I can repeat this adventure someday.


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