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The digital world made a big push in the city of Valladolid on 8-11 May. Concepts such as legaltech, IOT, cybersecurity, social networks, digital rights, e-sports, blockchain, start-up, drones, digital testing, robots, bots and chatbots were in the air  of the XII Congreso Nacional de la Abogacía.

During those four days people attending the Congress updated their  legal knowledge while doing networking. The main focus of the congress was the concept of digital transformation in the legal sector through technology. (# abogaciatransforma2019 was the hashtag)

In this regard, activities such as the Hackaton Advocacy were carried out. The Startup Advocacy Awards  ceremony took place and there were discussions about the agreement with the MWC for the promotion of digital transformation in the legal field . For the first time this year, the 1st Technology and Services Fair of the Legal Profession was held. And  was exhibiting to explain their technological solutions aimed at lawyers. solutions for the legal sector

The services that aroused most interest among attendees were those related to Registered electronic notification. We provide several options, depending on the needs of the client:

  • Registered email. It is evidenced the delivery of an email on the mail server of the recipient sent from the email account . All the attachments sent in the mail are also certified.
  • Openum. An email with an attached document is sent via a platform.
  • It is evidenced not only the delivery of the message but also the displayment of the attached docuemts.
  • Openum eIDAS. Openum eIDAS is qualified electronic registered delivery service complying with eIDAS Regulation The identification of the sender, the recipient and the data sent are ensured with a high level of reliability thanks to a digital certificate. The evidence generated has full legal presumption, which in practice represents an inversion of the burden of proof.

And if you don´t have email but a mobile , Registered SMS service is the solution.

Click &Sign for online contracting

It also elicited enormous interest Click & Sign our online signature platform. Designed as a modular tool where all certification services are available to the client so that he can choose the signature process that best suits his needs. As well as other features, the platform allows the signing of several documents, and several signatories with different types of signature (joint or severally) and at various levels of hierarchy.

Communicating with the clients, with the opposing party, or the signature of order sheets, can be done through registered services. Thus, a digital evidence is obtained that allows us to build a framework to better defend the interests. services are very easy to use. They can also be easily integrated with other applications used in any law firm. You can contact us or sign up on our website , and try our services with any obligation whatsoever

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