The Benefits of Using the Electronic Signature in the Sales Department

A company’s sales are an essential element to its growth and success. What’s more, the sales department must have tools at its disposal that facilitate the sales process and meet the needs of its customers. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of using the electronic signature in the sales department, as well as its various uses.

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What is used for the electronic seal

The Electronic Seal: Uses and Benefits

Do you still remember the times when you needed to stamp your invoices or delivery notes with a rubber stamp? Although this system was used not so long ago, the ongoing digital transformation of companies has led to a change in such processes, switching out the rubber stamp for an electronic seal. In this post, we’ll discuss the specific uses and benefits of using this innovative technology.

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Digital onboarding and electronic signing

Digital Onboarding and the Use of Electronic Signature in Insurance Companies

Insurance companies have witnessed a shift in their work methods, which had already begun to adapt with the digital transformation and then underwent a complete change due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many processes that once took place in person, such as the acquisition of products or the identification of new customers, had to be moved online and one of the most frequently used tools for digital onboarding and signing policies has been the electronic signature.

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Smart contract what is

Smart contract: trends in digital contracting

The contracting process has been evolving significantly over the last few years; think about how you sign a contract to change your mobile phone company now and how you did it a few years ago. Many companies are still signing physical contracts, but others are turning to Smart Contracts and other digital contracting trends that dramatically change how business-to-business agreements are entered into. Here we tell you what a Smart Contract is, how it works, cases in which it can be used and other trends in digital contracting.

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what is a Secure electronic signature

Electronic signature security: Notetaking checklist

Electronic signatures are a step that many companies have taken to enter into the digital transformation, but there are always concerns about the security of electronic signatures. This post tells you about the necessary security checks to ensure no security breaches that could lead to data loss or fraudulent use of information when signing electronically.

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