What is an eSignature? 2/3

Now that we already know what an electronic signature is and their different typologies, let us dig a little deeper into the world of electronic signature. We will also talk about what a trusted service provider is, what the electronic signature certificate consists of and the validity of the signature. Now, I will get to …

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What is an eSignature? 1/3

You have come to the right place, we are going to explain what an electronic signature is and in upcoming posts, how you can implement an electronic signature system for your personal or professional dealings. Whether due to lockdown or for other reasons, you may have sought alternatives to signing paper documents. And probably you …

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Firma de contratos fuera de la oficina

Sign & send documents on the go

Ubiquity is without hesitating one of the main advantages of digitation for companies, enhanced by mobile ubiquity thanks to Wi-Fi connections or mobile data. This portable office, bigger than your phone but smaller than your laptop allows us to, share, change, and seal business processes in minutes, not days. Now you can sign documents anywhere …

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Contratos online rapidos faciles seguros

Forget letter boxes, online contracts are up

When was the last time you saw a letterbox? When was the last time you used a letterbox? Has anybody else noticed that letterboxes are hard to find? And I assure you, with fear of being mistaken, that probably when you are desperately looking for a a letterbox it’s either because you need to send grandma your …

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