When was the last time you saw a letterbox? When was the last time you used a letterbox? Has anybody else noticed that letterboxes are hard to find? And I assure you, with fear of being mistaken, that probably when you are desperately looking for a a letterbox it’s either because you need to send grandma your holiday postcard or to send any business contract agreement. .

I am convinced you do not want your customers to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown trying to find out a letterbox. So allow me a few seconds to introduce you Connectaclick Basic,the Lleida.net solution for contracting easy, fast and secure.

Connectaclick Basic is managed from our user ‘s portal Tools. The process is simple and easy to understand:

  1. Set up the email your client receives, customize colour, text and uploading your own logo.
  2. Set up the web page where your client signs the contract.
  3. Upload the contract you want to send and … All set!

Now, tap on Send button and your client will receive the contract in less than 1 minute. And, your template is saved for any future contracts.

Easy, fast and secure online contracts

It is a fast as easy process, isn’t it? But what about securityThe certificate generated by Connectaclick Basic is admissible into evidence. So no need to worry about its legal validity. Connectaclick Basic certificates the delivery of the email with the contract, the recipient, the time of the sending and the delivery. Needless to say, that we certify the signing of the contract with the IP address issuing all technical details of the sending (time, date…) as well as the acceptance of the contract by the customer.

If we have piqued your interest and you want to learn more  visit  Connectaclick Basic, or  sign up in Lleida.net and start using the service.

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Eduard Salla
Eduard Salla

Chief Business Development Officer

Technical Engineer designer by vocation, Eduard has found the equidistance in web development. Travelling the world, reading or sleeping is his escape from the world. Time permitting, he takes photos.