Holaluz, happy with Connectaclick Pro

Digitizing has become a strategic point to optimize everyday business. And saving time and money in order to optimize results is possible when contracting processes are optimized. Connectaclick Pro is Lleida.net tailor made solution for electronic contracts to become easy, fast, and secure. Narcís Matabosch, from Holaluz, the Spanish electricity independent supplier, explains their experience with our electronic contracting service.

What is your name and position in Holaluz?

Narcís Matabosch, Responsible for business planning.

In a highly competitive energy market, how does Holaluz differ from its competitors?

Prices in the energy market are tight. This is due to the huge competence. Margn is tight. Thus, it becomes difficult to stand out from the rest  in this regard. But in an industry where most consumers are disappointed, differentiation is achieved from customer relations: honesty, transparency, fair prices and clear invoices and, of course, with no permanence or additional services that are not needed. In addition, we help our customers optimize their conditions, and thus we are able to offer additional savings. And with the greenest paper, that is no paper at all.

In your sector, how important is the sales process?

Sales process is critical. Switching between electricity suppliers is a very tiresome process The easiest step is to change nothing and to continue with the usual company, so you need to have a fairly simple sales process and customer oriented to provide ease of use. Providing clear information from the the outset; the peace of mind of having someone on the other side answering your questions (via email, chat, Whatsapp, social networks, telephone …) and a product that meets their needs (and at a very competitive price), makes the process less cumbersome and accessible to all.

In addition, the energy sector is a sector with a lot of competition, and a quick and efficient sale provides a win-win solution to our both sales team and to our customers.

How is Lleida.net involved in your sales processes?

Connectaclick  Solution has allowed us to fully integrate our systems and sales processes extremely fast.The whole process can be done online and signing electronic contracts with a 2 step verification by the customer is easy and secure. In short, it is a more effective and efficient sale process.

In addition, Lleida.net solution has provided a completely customized and tailored solution to HolaLuz. This, for our company, focused on our image and message, it is a must-have for any solution to be built into our processes.

Is Lleida.net improving  your sales procesess?

Connectaclick solution has allowed us to speed up the closing of contracts, reducing  the administrative burden, so that focus is placed on closing sales.

And, of course, it simplifies, helps and facilitates the steps our customers need to take with their new energy provider.

Are you satisfied with the service?

The integration process was easy and tailored by Lleida.net. A robust solution since the very beginning, and welcome by both our sales team and by our customers.

Are you interested in Lleida.net electronic contracting services?

We adapt to your needs. To tailor made contracting process Connectaclick Pro;Connectaclick Basic build your own electronic contracting process ; and for key moments, try out Registered email or SMS contract.

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