10 top reasons SMS can improve your marketing experience

At first sight it might seem completely useless to talk about SMS marketing , especially nowadays that nobody seems to be sending SMS.
But texting has become the second most popular use of mobile phones only after checking the time. So, just think about it.
We cannot deny that since the emergence of instant messaging services like Whatsapp, developed to be used in mobile devices, the use of SMS has dropped dramatically among users. However, SMS is still the marketing channel of choice.
Just have a look to the SMS you have recently received: banking operations, parcel delivery notifications, reminders promotions and discounts in shops, flight confirmations, etc.

What are the benefits of SMS marketing?

Essentially almost every SMS sent is opened (and read). When you hear the notification that SMS has arrived, you always look, don’t you?
Here are the top 10 benefits of SMS marketing:

1. SMS has a near perfect open rate of 98% as to Mobile Inteligence Review Dynmak’s report, well above email (20%), Facebook (12%) or Twitter (30%).
2. Messages are on average opened within 3 minutes.
3. Only about 1% of SMS marketing messages received are considered spam.
4. On average, it only takes 5 seconds for a person to read a text message, plus a lot of people always carry their phones with them, so they are more likely to respond straight away.
5. Coupons delivered via SMS have redemption rates 10 times than those of printed coupons. Look around you wherever you are and all you see is people busy on their mobiles.
6. The use of smartphones is widespread, you can add in the SMS a link to your product, to your site, etc.
7. 65 percent of companies have integrated mobile marketing, as of The New Mulsi-screen World (2012) Google report
8. A person receives an average of 52 SMS per month on average compared to 3647 emails per month.
9. You don’t have to wait until people open an email or find internet connection. With an SMS, you can instantly communicate with your database
10. Justin Bieber on October 30, 2015 launched on a text messaging campaign to promote his new album. And Justin never goes off the rails. 😉

If you are already convinced to use text messaging for your marketing campaigns we invite you to try Holatextext, Lleida.net platform developed specifically for SMS marketing, from where you can manage SMS messages, analyse the results, import contacts , customize, etc.

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