Do you still ride horseback?

Close your eyes and try to see yourself in a horse to get around Isn’t that weird? Not just that. Close your eyes again and now imagine you and your horse on a truck . Travelling. You on the horse, the horse and you on the pick-up truck. And upon arrival to destination, both of you get off the truck and then and only then you dismounted the horse . And do not forget to park horse and truck.

Hilarious, isn’t it? Believe it or not, many companies still sign contracts in that old-fashioned way.  They send you a contract by email, and they ask you to “ kindly print it, sign it, scan it and email it “ There is no point in digitalizing an already digital document. Valuable time and resources are lost. Think it over, it should be as easy as answering the email However, you tap on Print Hopefully, the printer would be on and would have paper ( otherwise it will or it will not  warn you with an “out of paper” alert). Send the document to the printer Unless you have a secure printer function, the document will be left in the printer tray waiting for you to be picked up.

Meanwhile, someone else can also print documents and your contract might end up in  a wrong folder ( away with privacy issues).  If everything turns out well, your contract will be finally printed at your desk. If you are the lucky signer of the contract, look for a pen and sign it . If not, you will start your own scavenger hunt taking you on a chase to find the person who has to sign the contract. Once signed, the contract should be scanned and digitized . And once in your computer, you could return the contract signed with that feeling of having achieved a challenge.

Sign online contracts easy fast and secure

Now close your eyes again and see yourself simply taping the mail with the contract deal sealed and with a certificate guaranteeing and accrediting the transaction. Now open your eyes, you are not dreaming. You are experiencing our online contracting solution  Connectaclick Basic. Gorgeous, isn’t it? So, are you sure it is worth riding horseback?

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