8 uses of Registered SMS

It all started some years ago, when I joined Lleida.net team. All of a sudden one of my main concerns when hanging out with friends (and not so friends), when enjoying Christmas dinner with relatives or when making contact with a stranger ,was getting through the dreadful question: What do you do for a living? followed by and What’ does your company do? Interesting though … What are Registered SMS used for?
Simply put, Registered SMS is ideally suited to replace traditional media by more agile, economical means. And admissible into evidence.
So,… what are Registered SMS used for?.

Here are 8 uses of Registered SMS (but we have many more)

1. Debt collection

Reclaiming overdrafts have always been sent by postal mail or by phone. This system establishes the complaint date and charges the commission due on the overdraft. It allows workers to focus on more productive tasks by automating the mechanical tasks

2. Sending invoices

Replacing traditional media by SMS, more agile, economical and with full validity.

3. Warranty claims

Warranty claims sending by irrefutable means to certify content date and time of the sending. Notice of cancellation of insurance by reliable means replacing traditional media for more agile and economical means

5. Notification of organization changes

Notifications by reliable means. By registered SMS, easy and fast.

6. Notification of appointments with public administration departments

Notification of appointments with public administration departments by agile, economical and with full validity means.

7. Public administration notifications

Attendance at polling stations, fine notifications … Replacement of registered letters with delivery report by Registered SMS more agile, economical and admissible into evidence.

8. Notification of scheduled trip changes

Sending of scheduled trip changes by irrefutable means.

9. Personal data change/correction

The client sends an SMS to the insurance company to modify or validate his personal data. Once received it, the content is certified specifying the date and time of the delivery.

We have found 101 uses, but are convinced there are plenty more. Would you like to add yours?

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