Lleida.net Winter Olympics

The day has come. On Thursday, December 12 and Friday, December 13, all Lleida.net workers, both national and international, meet to celebrate our internal working days, this edition with the storyline of the Winter Olympics and customized as Lleida.net Winter Olympics.

For us, these days are synonymous of  meeting, progress, communication, closeness, trust, fun and surprises. During these two days, the different departments of the company hold their exhibitions while creating synergies and exchanging impressions with the aim of continuing to advance and grow. In addition, for this edition and following the line of our values, this year we wanted to drive growth along a sustainable path,d we have implemented measures to avoid generating waste of resources, with  water dispensers with recycled bottles and the badges made with plantable seed paper. The result has been very positive, and we have the personal satisfaction of contributing to the environment.

Perhaps our format contains some small differences with the official Olympics: they are neither  prepared nor supervised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), they are organized from our Business Development department. Nor are they held every four years, since we prefer to combine the summer and winter days in the same year. Our beginnings do not date back to Ancient Greece  but soon we will be celebrating Lleida.net  25th anniversary and without the Greeks,  the twenty-five years is not too bad.

I wonder if the organization of the Olympic Games includes the SMS to remind their starter at the Christmas lunch dinner … We do! This must be another big difference. 😉

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