Registered email: reasons to use it

The email has become part of our lives; however, we are still using paper to send registered communications by postal mail. Digital transformation must embrace those communications that need to attest who sends/receives the communication, when, and its content. In this post, we tell you what registered is and why you should use it.

What is a Registered email?

Registered email provides legal proof of the message’s content, the exact time the email is sent to the user’s handset, and its received moment. In addition, registered email prevents unnecessary printing and travelling, thus staying focused on your business.

Why should you use registered email?

We highlight a few of the main reasons why you should use registered email:

  • Easy to use. Send an email as always, adding the registering address of Lleida in the CC field.
  • Portable. Send a registered email anytime and from anywhere, 24/7 access.
  • Fast communication. Within seconds the communication is delivered to the recipient—no need to wait days or hours.

Save money. Registered email costs one dollar, a registered letter sits at 7 dollars. If you want to send a registered letter acknowledging receipt and content certification, the price increases, whereas these “added” services are included in the final price.

It is totally legal. Registered email provides irrefutable evidence, and many court decisions are acknowledging its validity as a reliable communication.

From any device. As with regular email, registered email can be sent from the mobile, tablet or computer, in short from almost anywhere.

Protect the environment. When you send registered mail, you avoid paper, ink, electricity, and fuel consumption for travel; therefore, you can protect the environment.

How to send registered email

The process of sending a registered email is simple. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Register at Upon registration, your email address will be added to address whitelist. In addition, you can add additional addresses from the Tools user platform.
  • Write and send. Next, you must write the email as you usually do and attach any documents up to 5 MB. Then, enter the recipient address and registered address in the CC field.
  • Management and receipt of the email. Once you send the email, we notify you that it has reached the servers and is being processed. Thus, the recipient will receive two emails, the one you sent him and the one we sent him.

Documentary evidence issuance. Finally, documentary evidence is issued. This certificate is documentary evidence with the date, time and delivery address, delivery IP address, the content of the mail and its attachments. The certificate is a document in PDF format available at the Tools portal. You can also receive it by email each time an email is certified if you have opted to do so on your settings. The documentary evidence is kept by for 5 years, guaranteeing the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the information.

As you have seen, registered email makes communications easy and allows you to streamline all your company’s processes, comply with legality, and provide security.

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