Benefits of electronic signature in HR

Do you want to streamline the management of your company’s HR department? The electronic signature is the solution to speed up all processes and increase employee satisfaction. This post tells you the benefits of digital signature for work contracts and other HR documents.

The digitization of human resources departments continues to be a pending task in Spain, as reported in IV Estudio de la digitalización de los Departamentos de Recursos Humanos by the Fundación personas y empresas : Only 35.44% of interviewees stated that they have a budget for the digitization of the human resources department.

One of the tools that can contribute to the digitization of the human resources department is the digital signature, but in what kind of documents can be digitally signed?

Can the digital signature be used in work contracts and other HR documents?

The electronic signature can be used in several procedures of the human resources department of a company that requires the signature of a document. We highlight the following:

  • Digital signature of employment contracts and annexes. The Workers’ Statute states that the employment contract can be formalized in writing or orally. Furthermore, the Spanish Civil Code recognizes the possibility of giving consent through automatic devices. Therefore, it is possible to sign an employment contract using the electronic signature, although an advanced electronic signature is recommended since it is more secure. Furthermore, the digital signature can also be used to amend the contract (change of job, pay rise, etc.), and an annexe to the work contract is signed.
  • Signature of documents relating to occupational hazard prevention. The human resources department must document in writing that all workers have been provided with all the information required by law on occupational hazard prevention. To have proof of delivery, the electronic signature can be used by the worker.
  • Sign job offers. It is usual that, before signing the employment contract, the company sends the prospective worker an offer with all the conditions of the contract. This offer may be signed with an electronic signature.
  • Signature of confidentiality document: Both the worker’s contractual conditions and the company’s documentation to which the employee has access as a result of their work may be confidential and require the signing of a confidentiality agreement for which the digital signature.
  • Sign termination papers. Any notice of termination of employment, either by employer or employee, must be in writing to avoid later claims of the worker for unfair dismissal due to a formal defect. The electronic signature can be used for both the letter of dismissal and the severance payment.

Therefore, the electronic signature of work documents has many applications that expedite many internal processes.

What advantages does the electronic signature of work documents provide to the human resources department?

The electronic signature provides advantages to the human resources department, amongst which we would like to highlight the following:

Time-saving. The time that is dedicated to each management is reduced so that the processes of personnel selection, hiring, training and management of registrations and cancellations, are shorter.

  • Contribute to worker satisfaction. The company’s workers will feel more satisfied, and the work environment will improve because of the acceleration of processes.
  • Reducing expenses. The electronic signature of work documents avoids person signing, cutting down on travel expenses or office supplies ink, paper, printer energy). These savings will also boost the company’s corporate social responsibility about sustainability and caring for the environment.
  • Attraction and retaining talent. The digital transformation of the human resources department helps to attract and retaining talent as the company will stand out from competitors.
  • Process monitoring. With the electronic signature, it is possible to monitor the signature process by the human resources department so that it will be known who has signed and who has not signed the document.
  • Good corporate image. All the advantages pointed out to improve the company’s image towards clients, competitors, employees, providers, and investors.

Summing up, we cannot forget that people are the cornerstone of any company. The human resources department has a strategic mission in that sense; therefore, the digital transformation for that department is not an option but a critical need.

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