Electronic voting simple, easy and fast

It is necessary to know how to distinguish between important and urgent things to achieve success in our daily lives.

Due to the latest events, we are learning to reorganize ourselves, to work remotely and also to use what technology might  offers us, as electronic voting for situations where holding  physical meetings is not possible.

Lleida.net has the solution for any company, association, community, etc… to cast their vote legally despite not being physically present at the meeting. Here is how you can benefit from electronic voting.

Imagine having a mailbox in your office or workplace where the postman places your daily communications and at the same time providing a legal documentary evidence. These documentary evidence attest date, delivery and time of delivery, content and attached documents. All the process is automatic. Well, now you can get this service, it will facilitate your communications and your electronic voting.

So now you know that you can certify everything that goes into a mailbox, but what can you need it for?

  • Are you holding a meeting of shareholders at short notice? Use electronic voting to count votes and delegate your voting powers without moving from your chair.
  • Do you have a neighbour’s meeting? Cast your electronic vote even if you are not physically there.
  • Has your company scheduled several general meetings? Cast your vote electronically, it counts, and it provides the documentary evidence requested.

Registered electronic communications save time, give agility, provide solutions for business and individuals and in turn it is cheaper than traditional  methods. How do you feel about it? Do you think it is an important or urgent issue?

This post was written from home. We don’t know if remote working has come to stay, but we are clear about the future of electronic voting is more and more likely to be put in place.

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