Digital transformation in today’s business world (1/2)

We are facing a new stage, constantly on the move, revolving around new technologies and the Internet and carrying out major changes and transformations in a globalized world. All these changes are a true revolution in our lives; despite many people are not cognizant of it.

The digital age has come to stay definitively among us and this is an increasingly visible reality. The entire digital revolution is transforming loud and clear habits; language, the life and customs of many people to create a new culture, “the digital culture”.

Furthermore, this technological flood is a challenge for people to assimilate knowledge, attitudes and skills; and, therefore, to benefit fully from the advantages offered by this digital world.

There is no doubt about the many advantages that the digital age offers society and to those companies that can accommodate to this new situation (more efficiency, cost savings, more information available, paper savings, environmental protection, optimization of resources).

The impact of technology on the company, has been increasingly important in recent years, the use of new technologies has made companies increasingly competitive and  those companies not incorporating technological innovations will lag behind.

Digital is the new reality for business

For business, this new era is translated into two essential words: digital transformation. Because neither the change is something timely nor will it stop at this point. In an environment where technological disruption is going to take over, companies, regardless of their size, have only two options: either to transform themselves digitally or to be prepared, sooner or later, to fade away.

Today technology and digital has not only a transverse position, but also a strategic one. Therefore, the directors and leaders of the company must be the first to lead this new formula. To do this effect, a first question should be asked: How will my company compete in this new environment?

Not only do you have to be strategic, you also must be fast. If previous business paradigms allowed decisions to be made slowly and calmly, the digital environment has changed all this.

The current disruption is on the move, so decisions must be made quickly and effectively but above all, companies need to tackle the challenge.

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