Digital transformation in today’s business world (2/2)

Making use of the new technologies: electronic contract

Many sectors have adapted their systems, and their resources to this new reality, they must adapt to this digital era, that is why is leading a project with many companies to automate and optimize their contracting processes generating cost savings and providing its customers an added value.

Currently, the problem focuses on the signing of contracts or documents by companies with their customers, several factors influence as:

  • Lack of legal security in the processing, many of the contracts are returned by email with scanned signature.
  • Lack of usability for the client, in many cases the process is delayed more than a month.
  • Lack of efficiency in document management. Paper based processes.
  • Lack of technological innovation.

Our wide experience in banking, insurance, utilities … has allowed us to implement electronic signature processes providing them with greater legal security, process automation, and storage. Let us take an example of what is happening now and what would happen if one of the technological solutions of is used, namely electronic contracting.

We are going to buy a product or service and the company is going to send you the contract by email and ask you to “print it, sign it in duplicate, scan it, return it by email and send us the original to the following address”, so you lose time and resources in printing, scanning and sending by email and by postal mail a document already digitally formatted. Now imagine you had simply clicked on the email the company sent you, you had opened a website, and you just clicked again. Signed contract and with a certificate proving the transaction., as digital witness, accredited as such by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda (MINETAD), makes available to health and safety companies a platform capable of collecting all data related to one or several electronic communications (SMS, email or web) and add them in a file, called “certificate”, digitally signed and with time stamping.

This document is stored by and provided to the company. It is the documentary evidence to third parties of the content and other data of the communication(s)

What are the main advantages of signing a contract or any document with

 For the company, it means substantial commercial, administrative and time saving costs, as well as a considerable increase of the productivity.

For the client, signing becomes effortless, since it allows the signing the contract from any device mobile, tablet or pc.

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