How to improve document management in SMEs

Today being an SME is not easy, especially in a world where technologies and internationalization advance at breakneck speeds. The solutions and facilities that are proposed are suited to large companies, favouring them over SMEs, as they have a greater capacity when making profound changes in document management systems. However, small and medium-sized companies make up more than 99% of the business fabric of our country, and it is inevitable to wonder why there are no more solutions adapted to this type of business.

One of the disadvantages of SMEs is communication. We understand that there are informal and formal communications. The former, such as telephone calls, handshakes, or email, are accessible to all companies, but the formal ones involve a greater effort, time and cost: sending invoices, contracts, notifications … All these communications have been made formally for the record, and they must even be filed for the time required by law, and the means available to SMEs are usually the traditional ones:registered letter, handwritten signature, burofax, courier delivery , etc.

At, we ask ourselves how we could benefit SMEs in terms of document management and communication. That is why we propose services adapted to any type of company.

How to simplify document management?
Our solutions are simple, involve a minimal investment of time and reduce communication costs. How? Streamlining traditional processes, providing legal security and formalizing any type of communication. For the following needs we propose these solutions:

Formalization of contracts: Connectaclick Basic or Connectaclick Pro
Sending invoices: Connectaclick Lite or Registered Email
Sending notifications, clauses or sensitive documentation: Registered email, Registered SMS or Connectaclick Lite
How does it benefit you?

The use of registered electronic communications translates into cost reduction, time savings and increased security. Let’s take the example of a contract:

Costs: instead of paying a registered letter, the printing of the paper and the envelope, the courier, or the petrol for the transport to carry out the procedures in person, you could email your client (€2)
Time: print the contract, put it in the envelope, go to the post office and wait two days for your client’s response … Or attach the contract in an email and receive the answer immediately (5 min)
Security: stores the documentary evidence for 5 years, which includes the email, the contract, the response, the date and time … and with legal validity.

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