How to prevent identity fraud

Authenticate the identity of a customer in real time to minimize online identity fraud is a difficult task. Requesting the ID card number provides no guarantees, therefore the need of searching for additional identification measure arises. It remains necessary to find out a way to authenticate the identity of your customers.

Stamp ID is the effective solution to bridge this gap. Thanks to the validation identity documents technology scanning identity documents like IDs , driving licences or passports, Stamp ID  captures all the data and certifies the validity of the document.

There are two ways to send the document: by taking a picture with the webcam or if already scanned and saved in your pc, by uploading and sending it.

A dynamic process to minimize identity fraud

The system checks the validity of the data, with the possibility of adding facial recognition thus proving more security to the process. We issue a certificate with all the data, the results and all the images sent.

To better understand how easy is to integrate StampID in your business processes, feel free to  try out the demo

Stamp ID improves your sales conversion, decreases user drop off processes and reduces identity fraud. It is the suitable solution for rental and hotel check in processes.

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