Welcome at our two new branches offices in Costa Rica and Peru

Following our internationalization plan , we are proud to announce the opening of two further foreign markets and the expansion of our operations in key countries. Consistent with our objective of betting on stable nations and with room for growth, the company has just set up subsidiaries in Costa Rica and Peru, opening a window for direct presence in 10 markets and in 4 other through partners or through associates. Moreover, we are in the French and British market from our headquarters in Spain and Ireland.

Both companies allow us to provide a personalized customer care to clients operating on the above mentioned countries. Latam is a priority geographic area for us since we started the internationalization process in 2005. Indeed, the strong performance of our subsidiaries in the Americas, where the US subsidiary has reached profitability and the Colombian one will achieve the balance this year, has encouraged us to address the Costa Rican and Peruvian markets. Moreover, our services have also been recognized by the Chilean authorities, with the granting of the patent for certified registered inbox service.

R&D policy

For Sisco Sapena, our CEO ,”The establishment of Lleida.net wholly-owned subsidiaries and the recognition obtained in Chile are an example of the work we are doing to fulfil the commitments of international expansion we set since our listing on MAB. Lleida.net has an active R&D policy and the market is recognizing the progress made in the area of eNotification and certification. We are confident that our work will be reflected in the evolution of the company and creating value for our shareholders“.

We have strengthened our operations in India, where we have installed new servers to meet the growing demand in this country, where we have a local partner, as in Japan, Uruguay and South Africa, while in Brazil, Colombia, Chile, United States, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala and Ireland we have subsidiaries.

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    • Hi, yes we have installed new servers in India, where we work with a local partner and we have direct interconnection routes with operators. Please contact us if you need further information. Thanks!


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