Don’t let them ruin your vacations

Warm weather, swimming and holidays, such events often herald the arrival of summer. Summer: Warm, sunny days and relax. Whether you’re planning a camping trip, renting a house on the shore, summer is a way for us to relax, and we do not want anything to ruin our plans. Summer holidays are supposed to be a break from our stressful day-to-day existences, however things cannot turn out well. Travelling is never easy. Delays, cancellations, poor customer service, etc.

The bumps in the road are inevitable. Some of our solutions may help to make your ride enjoyable if unfortunately you find yourself in the need to claim in an easy, fast, economical way and with probative value.

We help you to handle your travelling bumps (though we hope you don’t have to)

The easiest way to bring a claim is by means of electronic notifications. Easiest because you can send the claim no matter where you are, and the very moment you hit the bump at the airport, hotel, rental. You only need a mobile phone, a laptop, a tablet with internet connection. Log in to start using these admissible into evidence electronic communications. All you have to do is to access your email account to send the admissible into evidence claim. In times of stress, the best solutions are always simple.

You can also take advantage of  Stamphoto , the app that certifies photos that show where and when your photos were taken. It is the  perfect app for car rentals, rent vacation homes or bookings.

We wish you the most awesome time, without bumps and without the need to use our solutions :).

Bon voyage!

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