Electronic messaging, text messaging, email, instant messaging all of them provides real-time text transmission. SMS authentication is one of the authentication methods requiring not only immediacy but also reliability, the users has to receive the SMS. There are operators offering low cost SMS though delivery rate and delays in the delivery are included in the price. Verse incorporated our SMS solutions in their services and placed their trust in us due to our high service standards’ Alberto Abello explains it to us.

What’s your position in Verse?

As CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) I am responsible for the marketing activities of the company.

What is Verse main business?

Verse is based in San Francisco, and they developed an app for sending and requesting money from anyone right from your phone. We also provide money transfer among countries. We are about to launch new financial products.

How does Lleida.net fits in the services you provide? What kind of services do Lleida.net provides Verse?

Lleida.net’s role is key in the so-called onboarding process, i.e. the moment where the user interacts for the first time with Verse. To complete the sign-up up, an SMS is sent to the mobile phone. The provider of the SMS is Lleida.net.

It seems the process of sending the text message is essential, isn’t it?

We need to make sure the SMS has been received, since the sign up process is completed by sending a text message to the customer’s mobile.
We should note that the first seconds that a user spends on an app marks the perception of the product and then decided if needed to be used or not. For a better user experience, it is of the utmost importance working with a secure SMS provider with a robust mobile network environment.
After several iterations we found out that Lleida.net provides high quality SMS to our users thus saving costs when attracting new ones.

Why Lleida.net?

Their in-depth expertise and knowledge, the service provided to top tier customers and the seamlessly integration.

What are your next goals and expectations?

Over the coming months we expect to consolidate in the European market launching our app in the Nordic countries and getting everything ready to grow in other regions. We expect Verse to become the default mobile money transfer service.
At the same time, we are working on other mobile financial products so that we can offer a wide range of options to our users.

High Quality SMS

If you need to send high quality SMS, feel free to sign up in our SMS holatext platform or visit Lleida.net. If you already use them, let us know your thoughts


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