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On 21 and 22 September has exhibited at eShow the most important International fair dedicated to the latest tendencies in eCommerce in Spain. Eshow’s two annual shows are hold in March in Barcelona and in September in Madrid. An event anyone with an online store should attend.

Eshow is especially dear to me. Yes, you are right. It is an interesting war story. Want me to tell you more? Did I hear a “yes”? Let’s go then.

The story dates back to March 2012, Barcelona. At that time, I was working as developer, as designer and as blogger at the most popular ecommerce platform in Spain, Xopie, a startup. I was fortunate to be the fourth worker.

It was my first show participating as an exhibitor. Despite waking up really early (Xopie’s main office was located at Lleida, 90 minutes from Barcelona) a car crash 30 km before our arrival delayed us. The line to get in was very long and our stand was not yet built up. It was not an enormous stand though, just a few rollups, a pc, and a laptop. No more room left.

My memories of my first eShow are fond ones, a close friendship and an experience that will stay with me forever, a young man visited our stand and asked me: “For heavens’ sake! Is that Xopie? I work for another ecommerce platform and whenever we need to develop a new feature, we first have a glance at yours”. Probably there is no better recognition of your work that being copied by your competence and openly admit it.

I participated in the next three eShow editions, and shortly after the last one, my journey with Xopie came to an end firmly convinced that my relationship with the Eshow also had ended.

However, one of my first measures as Business Development Chief Officer was to confirm’s participation in eShow.

And after two days in Madrid of networking and training, looking for some familiar faces, I am on my way back home.

It’s all about the twists and turns of life. Anyway.

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