Last August the US Patent Office has granted the patent requested for our registered email product under the name of Method for the Certification of Electronic Mail Delivery. The term of patent is for 20 years and marks a turning point in growth strategy in the US market, which is assumed to be the world’s largest market in property rights and technology services.

The granting of this patent enables to embrace a key market for the development and expansion of technological solutions applied to banking and insurance segments (fintech and insurtech accordingly), one of the priorities in the business plan of Our method differs from other market solutions for its usability. It is the only one that allows its use without any installation on the user’s computer, or modifications to the email recipient.

“The granting of this patent shows that such a demanding market and pioneer in the field of new technologies as the United States recognizes the effort’s team has made in recent years in developing certified electronic notification products and services. This acknowledgment helps us to lay the foundation for what we believe is a promising future for in the United States” says Sisco Sapena, CEO of Thanks to this recognition, we have reached one of the main goals marked a year ago when we were listed the Alternative Investment Market (MAB)

Three patents, and counting

This patent is a step forward in our international expansion, positioning in representative technological markets. On May we were granted by the Japan Patent Office to patent registered email service and in Chile to patent registered delivery.

Registered email service, has a probative value before any administrative or judicial authority. Please visit our website for more information.

We are the First Registering Operator – Registered electronic messages