Bio-Cord, really pleased with Registered email contract

Would you like to know how Bio-Cord has speed up time and resources thanks to Registered email contract?

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We talked to Macarena Campos, Marketing Director of Bio-Cord, about her experience with and its Registered email contract.

1. Hello Macarena, please introduce us Bio-Cord in a speed dating style and your responsibilities in it.

Bio-Cord is a private biotechnology company that storages the stem cells from the umbilical cord blood to those Spanish families who wish to preserve these stem cells at the birth of their babies (for potential use of their own child or a sibling).

Umbilical cord stem cells have been banked worldwide for almost 40 years and they have the advantage of being able, if necessary, to treat diseases, mainly haematological diseases such as lymphomas, leukaemias… and some metabolic diseases. These cells are also being tested in other clinical trials (e.g. autism, heart disease, diabetes, wounds… and the most recent one in COVID-19), suggesting that the future of regenerative biology has a great potential

In my role as Marketing Director, position I hold since the very beginning (it is like my son), is to position it as a reference in Spain and to give visibility to our services, as well as the usefulness and importance of these cells thanks to the research and the newest developments in the world.

And certainly, looking forward to further communication and attention to families who have placed their trust in this important service. It is not a service of an isolated nature… but to keep that relationship over time.

2. How does fit into your business? What services do we provide you?

You have been with us since the beginning of our activity, greatly streamlining the management with families and in our everyday lives, to attest the contracting of the service, through “Registered email contract”

3. What added value do you find in using Registered email contract? gives us peace of mind and guarantees that parents verify the engagement of our services in a simple, safely and legally way.

4. How Registered email contract has coloured your processes? Have you improved productivity or a key KPI?

It helps us streamline procedures and digitize procedures, ease processes both us and our customers, so we can devote more time to focus on other tasks.

5. How have your clients responded to Registered email contract?

They find it very useful and simple to use, and they appreciate having time for themselves and because of this current situation the chance of signing online contracts fast, safe, and easy is an added value.

6. Do you think the digitization, in this case, of contracts, is an improvement that impacts the results?

Without any doubt, as I mentioned, it speeds up time and resources. Time that we can devote to other procedures.

Fortunately, we were ready for digital acceleration that we have experienced overnight, and we have been able to quickly adapt to this drastic change that all companies have experienced: telecommuting, online purchases and online procedures, video conference meetings, customer service through different digital channels… and it has helped us to face it, minimizing impacts and easing all processes.

7. Why have you chosen to satisfy this need?

For pioneering in this service and for your help throughout the process, it has been a peace of mind to count on you at every turn.

8. Are you considering using other solutions?

There are no plans at this stage, but in the current situation we do not rule out the idea.

9. What is “digital transformation” for you?

To make lives easier for both companies and customers through tools that streamline procedures, work, purchases, pre- and post-sales care…

To bring value to our services and clients, to improve procedures, to generate new opportunities, through different channels.

And an obvious reality and obligation both for companies and individual in all areas.

10. Finally, could you give us a final score?

10 out of 10, a trouble-free experience, implementation almost six years ago was fast and functional from the very beginning.

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