Remote identification: eKYC, proved as a secure platform

Our tool, eKYC, has been proved as a secure remote identification platform. This post will help you find out its mains advantages.

Digital life gives us opportunities to carry out our procedures avoiding unnecessary travelling time.

Digital banking, digital channels of energy service providers, telecommunications… allow us to carry out many procedures from any device and in the most convenient place for us. To facilitate such digital interactions, we have means to authenticate ourselves using passwords or fingerprints that give us access to interact with our providers.

A previous relationship makes possible for us to authenticate ourselves on the digital channels of our providers through mechanisms they provide us because they already know us, they have already identified us.

The big question being asked is how to start a relationship in a 100% digital environment with the same security as through face-to-face identification.

The answer is simple, with remote identification tools that incorporate artificial intelligence. They have the ability to recognize the interlocutor and even validate its documentation. eKYC is a 100% digital platform that allows remote identification

It incorporates validation tools to check the validity of the documentation submitted. The system is capable of validating different types of documents (ID cards, passports, driving licences…) from dozens of countries around the globe.

eKYC platform collects and stores the documents submitted and the identification images. In addition, it evaluates the degree of similarity between the selfie and the image of the submitted documents, offering a similarity ratio. Thus, we can confirm with some degree of confidence that the ID image matches to the selfie.

Defining the level of trust necessary to have a positive identification depends on the type of business that the person to be identified and their service provider want to carry out. It is therefore important, not only the identification platforms allowing to define this parameter, but once the information has been collected, having an agent to check it and decide whether there is a positive identification.

eKYC, among its many customization options, allows you in define trust levels opting for automatic identification or by a later manual validation. In addition, at the end of the entire process, issues a documentary evidence including documents, selfie, evaluation results and signs it as a trusted third party.

It is a very flexible and remarkably easy to install platform. It also implements a user-friendly process of identification it walks you through the data collection and it can be used from anywhere with an Internet connection and from almost any device.

Security is the key in identification mechanisms. People and businesses need secure systems that protect them against fraud or identity theft and guarantee them the highest standards in the market.

eKYC, certified as a secure remote identification platform

eKYC has passed the evaluation and has the certificate of conformity that accredits it as an identification system that can be used by Certification Authorities to issue certificates in accordance with European eIDAS regulations. It is also in line with the authorization for video identification of SEPBLAC (Executive Service of the Commission for Monitoring Exchange Control Offences).

eKYC is a very flexible and secure system. An essential tool in digital transformation strategies for businesses and people.

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