Registered Notifications, a must-have for Oigame

We interviewed Alexander Vargas, Business Development Manager of the Colombian company Oigame Consultores Empresariales, with over 10 years engaged in providing Outsourcing services.

In an increasingly digitized society, Registered Email and Registered Email Contract have helped Oigame to transform a slow and expensive process into a fast, secure, and legally valid process.

Thanks for joining us today. We would like to know how has been beneficial to improve Oigame’s business processes.

About Oigame

My name is Alexander Vargas, Business Development Manager at Oigame. Oigame is a company established 15 years ago in Colombia. We are part of one of the most important groups in information management in the USA. The company managed to be part of this group for 2 years now, acquiring a majority stake in the company with a view to improving its services in Latin America.

Our current processes are basically operational, specialized in Health – Insurance, and we are now entering the financial sector. Our clients are the largest insurers in Colombia, and we operate in highly complex services. Part of the vision of the company was to be part of those services where the offer was very important and also to help companies in operational processes with added value, we wanted to be part of the generated value for these organizations. For 15 years we did it with Jorge Iván, who is the General Manager and partner of the company, and Manuel who is today a shareholder. We were experts in generating value for companies, mainly in the health and insurance sector, in all their operational and administrative processes.

How does fit into your business model and what are the services we are providing?

They suit us very well and have helped us improve that valuable offering. Currently, we are heavy consumers of Registered notifications service. It has allowed us to help in the internal operating processes of companies and in their digital transformation processes, precisely with one of our clients who is in turn a Government’s customer. They operate over 150 thousand notifications on a monthly basis with us. And we moved from a very cumbersome process of printed documents, letters, press releases, etc. to a completely registered and safe process that allows our clients, to do just that.

We have operational portfolio management services, collections, analytics, secure back office and we integrate them with This process has allowed us to be very efficient in the integration of these services and the client, through our platforms, has online access to all this information that he needs to have in hand and that previously took him days.

What added value do you find in using the Registered Email Contract and in the other products provided by

One of the issues that we manage has to do with Social Security in Colombia, and with all the mandatory reports to the oversight bodies. We guarantee companies that all these reports, records and mandatory notification processes meet security standards , regulatory compliance, agility and reduction of costs and opportunity in what is being done. Because, if one of these insurers fails to comply with these reports and with these notifications to the companies and the entities that are associated with them, they can incur in extremely lager fines. Thanks to our back office and with we guarantee that these deadlines are met and that these processes are in accordance with current regulations.     

The service provided by, has improved any key Oigame’s KPI?

Definitely, because today our electronic services are part of our core business and they come this new normal. They are aimed to companies opened to the transformation of electronic processes. As part of our new strategy from now to 2022, it is a central issue in the organization and a generator of a stunning value.

Have your clients responded well to Registered Email and Registered contracting services?

Yes, we are leaders and benchmarks in the sector and regardless of costs and other issues, we can position ourselves in that tranquillity of assistance and support. We provide our customers the peace of mind needed in these services and of course you provide us security and peace of mind too.

Why did you choose to cover that specific need of the company?

We were already offering this service with another company. On the other hand, I think that the closeness, the stability of the implementation, the trust engaged with Pablo Gracia (Elatam Chief Officer of, allowed us to speed up this “joint” process. All in all, the closeness, the support, and the flexibility were decisive for this choice.

How do you plan on working with other solutions in the upcoming future?

Oigame’s entire offer of electronic services, and all the specialized processes that we provide, lead us to consider a new strategy and it is in this new strategy that we include security operational processes, such as electronic signature issues, facial recognition, increase the use of electronic notifications and to set up an electronic back office suite. services play an important role for us.

Is helping Oigame in its digital transformation?

The answer is, without hesitating, Yes. Not only Oigame, but also to the companies we represent, and we work with. We are talking about the 10 most important companies in Colombia, and its operational process are changing.

What other possibilities might services be useful to Oigame?

One of the issues that is growing most as a result of social distancing is facial recognition and electronic signature. And I believe we can go much deeper. We have been working hand in hand with the sales area with Giovanni Silva (Commercial Manager of in Colombia), and they have provided us wonderful support. Therefore, it is one of the areas in which we must deepen, the companies are asking for it and we must absolutely be there.

What things, if any, are missing from the services provides to Oigame?

None so far. We are finding out all your services and we will go through them.

How would you rate the relationship between Oigame and and which are your futures expectations?

It is an interesting alliance relationship, with a very good support, an interesting matter of trust. What we are looking for is to multiply and to deal with this new reality, to generate value for organizations and to be very flexible. I think it is an interesting and prospective alliance that will allow us, and Oigame, to grow hand in hand.

Oigame mirrors how globalization can provide great solutions accompanied by technological advances to companies around the world.

Registered Email and Registered Email contract

If you need to send legally valid electronic communications, contact us and we will gladly inform you about the different options. If you are already a customer, we invite you to share your experience with us.

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