We throw down the gauntlet

If you are like us,then the first thing you do every morning after you put on a pot of coffee is enter to lleida.net website. And so today (September 18), our routine was completely and magically thrown off when we saw a new appealing website with a fresh look, and more focused on the users’ needs. Some small changes that stands out as especially impressive:  as part of our ongoing effort to improve theme usability and heighten user experience, we have been developing a series of videos tutorials to help customers better understand the many features that come with our services, videos showing who we are and what we do, we are working on improving the purchasing process, so anyone can make familiar with our services and try out all functions.

Colleagues from different departments put in 110% since the very beginning and everyone was extremely supportive of one another. Everyone hustled and left their heart on the project. It isn’t just one person, it’s a group effort. We have kept our head down and our tail up, let us congratulate

  1. Lleida.net is constantly reinventing. We work grow and mature under four core business line, namely registered communications, unregistered communications, data checker and hub)clearly complementary and focused on the improving organization work processes.
  2. #andgopaperless is not only saving time and money for companies (self-employed and small firms, large firms, large corporations, and Public administration) ensuring the same or greater legal security so far, but taking environmental steps making the environment more pleasant for yourself, energy efficient, and eco-friendly. #andgopaperless, is not change for change’s sake but a major move forward in the paperless way care would be delivered and work flows would be streamlined.
  3. We believe in consistently providing added value to our services, and because services are made of customers and customers are individuals and individuals are global, our project becomes global. The global is local. The local is global.

Our website is presently available in Spanish, English and Portuguese; it will soon be available in French and in Catalan. You can access our user interface ( tools.lleida.net) in the above mentioned languages and also in Japanese, and this is because we are in Japan, in South America, United States, Great Britain, France, India …

Summing up, we have thrown down the gauntlet. Now, do you take up the gauntlet?

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