“We save up to 66% in paper consumption”. Lleida Council

Montse Mínguez, deputy mayor of Finance and Treasury Advisor.
Montse Mínguez, deputy mayor of Finance and Treasury Advisor.

La Paeria is the traditional name of the City council of Lleida from 1264. The term paer derives from Latin paciarium, meaning “peace of mind”. This title was given to Lleida´s mayor as a special privilege by King James the Conqueror in 1264.

We are going to interview Mrs. Montse Mínguez, deputy mayor of Finance and Treasury Advisor and Mr. Antonio Saldaña, Manager of Municipal Institute of Information Technologies. Both of them are extremely familiar with council internal workings and method that as a result of using our services have undergone a change or are in the process of change.

On entering the room, we left behind hot summer temperature. The external temperature is very high; at this moment it reads 40 degrees Celsius.

Amid a hectic daily routine, we sit down and talk about how Lleida.net services may have done a 180 turn in the day to day of the City Council.


Lleida.net- Good morning.

Montse Minguez– Hi, good morming.


The interview begins.

Question: What Lleida.net services are you currently using?

Answer: The council has been a pioneer in including Lleida.net technologies practically from its beginnings. In 2008 we were very excited about being the first in using Registered SMS sending notifications and alerts to citizens. A novelty at that time, that allows us to make a qualitative leap in our service. In 2009, we started using SMS Star service for emergency notification activation protocols and mainly used by civil protection service and other security agencies. We are in the process of implementing registered email one of the latest Lleida.net technologies, which will lead us towards greater access, efficiency and quality.

Question: What do you use our services for?

Answer: There is wide range of possibilities, and new needs arises everyday day. As our departments have a better understanding, they are more familiar with Lleida.net services, they feel confident with them, and they even suggest new applications and uses. From security issues within the framework of local police and civil defense, to electronic registered notifications that are being gradually integrated into our internal management processes. Citizens sincerely appreciate registered notifications via SMS, from agenda items, to information on the electoral roll, to registration and enrolment information on nursery schools. We also send Lleida.net registered SMS for requirement processes and civil service examinations.

Question: What improvements have called your attention so far?

Answer: The most immediate benefits are without a doubt whatsoever; processing times reduction, increased efficiency, and cost efficiency. To both the public administration and the citizen. After all the aforesaid, we must not forget the main benefit, which is to provide local citizens with a better service.


Question: And what about resources and costs (paper, deliveries)? Any significant savings?

Answer: Definitely, and quite considerable. To give but one example, Lleida.net registered e-mail, allowed us to save up to 66% in paper consumption. Even in the digital era, public administrations tend to work with too much paper, and Lleida.net services allow us to reduce the consumption of it. Put another way, sending registered e-mails generates savings of hundreds of thousands of euros.

You can watch the interview (Spanish) on Youtube.


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