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The legal validity of registered electronic communications (3/5)

The evidence provided by Lleida.net is subject to the civil procedural lae of each legal order, in charge of developing the probative value of the evidence. On the other hand, electronic signature legislation (national and European) must also be taken into account, since the certificate issued by Lleida.net incorporates its electronic signature and time stamp. … Read more

RIU · Remote Identification Unit · Lleida.net

We invite you to RIU video premiere

Boris Pasternak wrote “An unshared happiness is not happiness”. Let me therefore be happy. Sometimes there are things in the broader, inaccurate and careless sense of the word, that makes me thrill. In a completely irrational way, the joys that thing provides is total almost brushing the sudden breath of happiness that comes when least expected. That … Read more

old leather law books

The legal validity of registered electronic communications (2/5)

Connectaclick, Lleida.net’s electronic contracting service Connectaclick, the electronic contracting service of Lleida.net arises from the combination of Lleida.net different services of certification of communications. Lleida.net’s Connectaclick service provides customers with a contracting solution that allows them to identify the user, send the contract to sign, and certify the different electronic operations carried out during the … Read more

The legal validity of registered electronic communications (1/5)

What is a registered electronic communication? Registered electronic communications are a type of telematics means where a third party, alien to the communication, bears witness of the communication. As far a Lleida.net is concerned, when we talk about registered electronic communications, we are talking about SMS and email. Conventional electronic communications are easy to manipulate, being … Read more


The best advice for Fintech companies

Lleida.net is a telecommunications operator, a multinational company listed in the secondary Spanish  market. A company that offers the necessary tools and processes for online contracting to all companies that need to provide services through the network, such as all fintech and insurtech who have participated in the FinTech Unconference. Lleida.net has had the opportunity to … Read more