SMS de calidad, clave para verse

High quality sms is of utmost importance to Verse

Electronic messaging, text messaging, email, instant messaging all of them provides real-time text transmission. SMS authentication is one of the authentication methods requiring not only immediacy but also reliability, the users has to receive the SMS. There are operators offering low cost SMS though delivery rate and delays in the delivery are included in the … Read more, 8a mejor operadora global de SMS A2P named one of the top 10 companies of worldwide A2P SMS messaging vendors

Today, we have a lot to be proud of: we are the eight best A2P SMS Messaging global vendor. And best of all, the rating comes from the rest of global operators, from a good mutual relationship as business fellows and competitors. Roaming Consulting Company (ROCCO) is a 100% neutral Research, Strategy and Education Company based in the UK. … Read more