Identification, authentication and authorisation

Online access to products and services entails a process with different stages that may seem quite similar if carried out naturally and transparently, although they respond to very different needs:

  • Identification Once the company collects the characteristics that uniquely define the individual, it identifies the individual. My fingerprints and facial features help identify me, thus setting me apart from other people. Companies should know whom they are dealing with; they should identify their customers and ensure the best possible service.

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Verificación de identidad digital

Digital identity verification to avoid fraud

According to the report’s findings on the status of fraud in Spain edited by the Association of Spanish Companies Against Fraud, fraud attempts have increased in the last year. At the same time, identity theft is the most reported type of fraud. Consequently, it is recommended for companies to use digital identity verification to avoid losing money and falling victim to scams, thereby risking their reputations. This post will talk about how you can perform digital identity verification securely.

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How to use registered sms

When to use Registered SMS

The digital transformation of companies has transformed the way they communicate with their customers, suppliers, and workers. Moreover, recently, the use of digital communications has been developed and expanded. However, various digital communications have different legal values, while the eIDAS Regulation outlines the requirements for electronic communications to hold legal validity. This post will discuss the use of registered SMS communications and when to use them.

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What is used for the electronic seal

The Electronic Seal: Uses and Benefits

Do you still remember the times when you needed to stamp your invoices or delivery notes with a rubber stamp? Although this system was used not so long ago, the ongoing digital transformation of companies has led to a change in such processes, switching out the rubber stamp for an electronic seal. In this post, we’ll discuss the specific uses and benefits of using this innovative technology.

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