Digital onboarding and electronic signing

Digital Onboarding and the Use of Electronic Signature in Insurance Companies

Insurance companies have witnessed a shift in their work methods, which had already begun to adapt with the digital transformation and then underwent a complete change due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many processes that once took place in person, such as the acquisition of products or the identification of new customers, had to be moved online and one of the most frequently used tools for digital onboarding and signing policies has been the electronic signature.

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Digital Identification how it works

Digital identification: how it works and its benefits

Online transactions requiring a person to be identified are commonplace in the day-to-day operations of any company. Digital identification has become essential for organisations to transform digitally and to compete fairly. This post will tell you what digital identification is, how it works, what advantages it brings, and which sectors use it the most.

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Postal Operators as critical infrastructure in their countries & how postal operators can become a main contributor to Sustainable Development Goals

Most Postal Operators have been operating since their respective countries’ inception; they were always a backbone of their governments, citizens, businesses, and overall country development and evolution. For decades, they have been providing one of the most critical services for their customers: communication.

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