We keep moving forward

A quarter of a century, 25 years, 9,125 days, 219,000 hours. Yonks ago? Probably for ordinary people, but not for us “lleidaneters”, for us is as if it was … yesterday. It is now 25 years when three friends and I decided to create what eventually was the first Internet service provider in Spain,  then …

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The best advice for Fintech companies

Lleida.net is a telecommunications’ operator, a multinational company listed in the secondary Spanish  market. A company that offers the necessary tools and processes for online contracting to all companies that need to provide services through the network, such as all fintech and insurtech who have participated in the FinTech Unconference. Lleida.net has had the opportunity …

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The strength of being listed in the MAB

This month we are celebrating a year and a half in the MAB, eighteen months, so we have reached our stock market full age. A short but intense period of time when we, the people inside Lleida.net , have grown, learned, improved, and even suffered! Together with shareholders, customers, suppliers, banks, etc. who has trodden …

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Barcelona Parc Güell

12 years of fruitful results; Mobile World Congress

Last Thursday, the 12th edition of the Mobile World Congress 2017 held in Barcelona closed its best edition, and we, Lleida.net were present for another year. From the first tiny stand in a corner on the second floor of a pavilion, 12 years ago, sharing snacks and stealing finger food from our neighbours, on this …

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