Contratos online rapidos faciles seguros

Forget letter boxes, online contracts are up

When was the last time you saw a letterbox? When was the last time you used a letterbox? Has anybody else noticed that letterboxes are hard to find? And I assure you, with fear of being mistaken, that probably when you are desperately looking for a a letterbox it’s either because you need to send grandma your …

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Holaluz contractació electrònica fàcil ràpida segura

Holaluz, happy with Connectaclick Pro

Digitizing has become a strategic point to optimize everyday business. And saving time and money in order to optimize results is possible when contracting processes are optimized. Connectaclick Pro is tailor made solution for electronic contracts to become easy, fast, and secure. Narcís Matabosch, from Holaluz, the Spanish electricity independent supplier, explains their experience …

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Firma de contratos fácil, rápida, segura y online

Do you still ride horseback?

Close your eyes and try to see yourself in a horse to get around Isn’t that weird? Not just that. Close your eyes again and now imagine you and your horse on a truck . Travelling. You on the horse, the horse and you on the pick-up truck. And upon arrival to destination, both of …

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