Registered SMS for demands for payment on a defaulted loan

Text messaging is a convenient way to communicate.  It allows you to communicate without send notifications without waiting for confirmation of physical paper delivery. For businesses who regularly need to visit a postal office, the time wasted is worse than wasting money. According to a report by the UK government, 66% percent of SME users said … Read more Registered SMS for demands for payment on a defaulted loan

Acuerdo notaria Andorra

Certified communications going Digital

  Certified email, Email contract and Connectaclick arrives in Andorra, the country of the Pyrenees. Notary Estañol and signed on June 26 an agreement by which certified eCommunication services will provide a safe, fast and effective communication to the customers of the Andorran notary by saving time as well as offering secure and … Read more Certified communications going Digital

The days of the pony express are far

Handwritten letters is a rewarding thing. We believe receiving a handwritten letter is still one of the great pleasures in life (probably for its rarity). The image of the Pony Express is of young riders galloping across the prairie. But hundreds of years ago when John Upson made his first run, he spent a lot … Read more The days of the pony express are far Technology travels to Japan

But before , someone from Tokyo visited us. Only a few months ago, and 24 hours of flight, more than 10,412 km later we received Takihiro, engineer and translator, CTO of AOS, the Japanese company that has recently licensed our technology. AOS is a company owned by SBI Incubation, INc. formerly owned by Softbank Internet … Read more Technology travels to Japan