Share your Christmas lottery shares without any nasty surprises

Well, Christmas is almost here, time to be surrounded by family and friends. Christmas is a stressful and hectic time. Time to shop for gifts, time of office parties, time of having our other-in law to stay and time to make room for the Christmas Lottery, known as el Gordo ( “the big one” or the “fat one”)

Some people participate with the same ticket number because of their superstitions or traditions, other prefer to change it every year. One ticket (billete) for the Spanish Christmas Lottery costs €200. Since this is a large amount of money, it is more common to purchase a tenth of a ticket, a so called décimo, for €20. A part of a billete that is smaller than a décimo is called participation.

It is not uncommon for organizations and companies to purchase a few billetes and divide them up into even smaller portions than tenths, and then sell these small pieces to members, customers or employees. All participants agree to share the winning prizes accordingly between the total number of people taking part in the scheme.  The organizer, who buys the tenth, assumes the obligation of payment to those who bought it, and if you win “el Gordo”.But, how do you prove that participation?

The easiest, fastest, economical and valid in court (of particular importance should the need arise) is through Registered email. The organizer must send an email to all participants with copy to the certified address ([email protected]), adding in the body of the email name of the participant, cost of the participation, ID, date of the raffle, and a picture of the decimo.

What if the wish came true?

After sending, the organizer will receive the Certificate of, a PDF document that certifies the issuer and the recipients, the message, the day and time of sending and the attachments, in this case, the photo of the décimo

And although we are always well intentioned, money talks. So,to avoid surprises nothing better to leave everything well tied up through an immediate, economic and legally valid service.

Good luck to all!

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