Banco Pichincha, to use notification and contracting services

For weeks now we have signed an agreement with a new bank to become its technology services provider in the area of electronic notification and contracting.

We will act as a trusted third party in the relationships carried out through electronic means between Banco Pichincha and its clients in Spain, and in other countries in which the bank is established.
We are offering the above mentioned services through Connectaclick our platform for online contracting

With this agreement, Banco Pichincha becomes the 15th’ client coming from the financial sector looking for electronic contracting and notification, both services being key elements in the company growth strategy.

The confidence shown by financial and insurance institutions towards has led to a 44% increase in our registered services from the 3rd quarter of 2015 to the 3rd quarter of 2016

Thanks to this agreement we strengthen our relationship with key countries since Banco Pichincha is one of the largest banks in Ecuador’s financial system with subsidiaries in Perú, Colombia and Panamá.

This contract is framed within actions to enhancing its contracting and enotification solutions to drive innovation in banking and insurance sectors.

For Sisco Sapena, CEO of “The agreement ratifies the interest of the banking sector for contracting and notification services as an added value for their clients.We are proud that such a consolidated bank in Latin America entrusted us for an important and sensitive area for the company”.

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