Dell EMC Forum 2016 Barcelona

Ten years ago Google bought YouTube. A milestone since in those years YouTube was the undisputed king of video over the Internet with around 100 million videos a day. The news did not go unnoticed; it came out in all the mass media.

Just two years ago, Facebook acquired the WhatsApp messaging application with over 600 million users. At the time Facebook had about 1.320 million users so the operation reported an additional 50% “potential” users to its portfolio. And naturally thanks to social networks, it was also a widely publicized and widespread news, 😉
When Dell (computer and server manufacturer) bought EMC (global data storage and management giant) about a month ago, it did not seem to be relevant news in the media.

But, let’s talk money… In the former case, Google paid about $ 1.65 billion (updated to today would be about $ 1.8 billion) while Facebook $ 16 billion for WhatsApp. Not bad Dell paid $ 67 billion for EMC, the largest acquisition in the technology sector to date (37 times more than Google paid for YouTube).

So what is Dell looking for?

Dell is responding to the needs of its large corporate clients for the next industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 will undoubtedly move in the digital world and will be odourless, tasteless and colourless, like water, which before falling to the Earth lives in “the cloud” ….

Dell becomes the largest manufacturer of cloud solutions in the world and organized the Dell EMC Forum 2016in Barcelona (previously held in Madrid) to present its new solutions in style. And attended invited by Puntinformàtic (our friends and distributors of DellEMC products). Thanks!

We saw Adrian MacDonald (DellEMC PRESIDENT, EMEA ENTERPRISE BUSINESS) in the first Keynote getting excited when explaining that the path to the cloud is already started; he talked about how traditional ITs had to digitally transform themselves into the IT-Cloud fearless, he mentioned that the IoT (Internet of Things) is already here … that the next industrial revolution is already happening.

Later, we heard how this digital transformation is being experienced both from the point of view of the end customer (CaixaBank, Diputació de BCN and Mutua Universal) and from the company (Intel, IPM and Microsoft) with two interesting presentations moderated by María Antonia Rodriguez (Commercial Director DellEMC) and Jaume Cabiscol (Commercial Director NorthEast) and Jaime García Cantero (El País Retina) who conducted the talk with the representatives of the companies.

Reference was made to how companies are “pushed” to the digital transformation by the user, who is living in a digital world (buy train tickets from the mobile phone, buy milk online, play in the mobile – Not “with”, but “in” -, etc …) and people no longer can imagine of face to face meeting, because everything has gone digital.

It was explained that companies should turn to a more digital work place and more productive job …these goals were discussed alongside dynamic clouds, which will allow “minority report” technologies in, for example, operating rooms, with 3D maps that help surgeons in real time while operating …
Cybercrime was another keyword since it may be the greatest threat to every company in the world.

Some years ago it was important that workers felt comfortable in their workplaces, however, now concepts like “accessibility of data” and “data safety” live with us. New solutions are required in all business processes: Reliability and security Data must always be accessible regardless of the technology used and always in safe environments.
And then, I cracked a smile …

I clearly saw that has already climbed on board to the fourth industrial revolution, we are leaders in providing the certified communications new technological society is demanding Communications that are the foundation of this new revolution since they are the pathways to the cloud.

And… Thanks for inviting us! 😉

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