We are different

The words We are different… – echoed in my head from the last phone call. I was on my way to the station. I was thinking about the small steps of the last two weeks that leaded me here.

From the language course I started, which I am not able to continue, to the window-shop-ad next to the crowded post office, which we had to leave, I got to “the offer”. I had to do it. ‘Come and work with us, it will be a lot of fun!’ – so, … I applied.

And all of a sudden, I was there. Shock and happiness swirled in me, suddenly, I was surrounded by so many smiley faces! So many names to remember, some I had never even heard before, as they do not exist where I come from.

We were short of time, going to the hotel, had a drink and had dinner. Then, I realized that I was the only one who didn’t speak Spanish. However, I didn’t experience it as a disadvantage, as everybody spoke to me in English.

It was not like that the previous day, when an 8-hour-long conference, waited for us entirely in Spanish 😀 No. This is a lie. There was a short half hour part with English subtitles.

After it, there was a short refreshment. It came dinner and dancing. First I was a little afraid and shy, but the atmosphere was very welcoming, it didn’t take too long to relax and enjoy myself. After almost 6 months since I left my home country, I felt again that I belong to a community.

Lleida.net is quite the opposite of the work environment I had experienced before. “… I will try my best to contribute building up this difference!

See you in January! 🙂

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